Traveling With Your Pets

Time to hit the road for family vacation! So what to do with Fido?

Buckle him up in a car seat and take him with you! Dr. Jyl offers tips for road tripping with your dog. If you can’t take him with you there’s always a kennel, but you want to beware of the one you choose. She’ll tell you what to look for when deciding your pet’s next boarding spot.

  1. How can you ensure a smooth road tip with your dog or cat?
  2. Do they suffer from car sickness?
  3. What happens if they hang out the window for too long?
  4. How do you find a good kennel that will take care of your dog while you’re away?
  5. Are there bad things owners do when it comes to traveling with their pets?

Dr. Jyl talks with FOX40 about travel and your pets:

Things to look for when boarding your pets:

  1. Check References
  2. Make a Visual Inspection,
  3. Make sure a Vet is on the premises
  4. Check Security & Boarding Agreement
  5. Amenities/Comfort (Turn out Yards for Exercise, Couches, TV, Toys, Social Time, etc.)

Travel Tips

  1. Carry Medical Records & ID
  2. Remember Prescriptions
  3. Be mindful of car sickness
  4. Limit Window Air Time
  5. Buckle up

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