Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology tape was developed in the 1970’s for human athletes by a Japanese Chiropractor. Over the last few years its application have been applied to companion animals. Kinesio tape (aka Rock Tape) is used to decrease pain, increase muscle strength, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and add stability to joints.

Kinesiology taping works by lifting the hair on the animal which mechanically decompresses the skin and underlying tissues. The decompression action promotes increased blood/lymphatic flow which decreases inflammation and relieves pressure from nerve endings.

It is ideal to keep the tape on for at least 24 hours, though sometimes this is challenging in our more active pets or when the tape is placed over a high motion area. If the tape is still present after five days, owners are asked to gently remove it by pulling it in the direction of the fur growth.

We have been seeing great results when using kinesiology taping techniques in combination with animal release body alignments and veterinary orthopedic spinal manipulation.

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