Poultry Diseases and Other Health Problems for Chickens, Ducks, Geese

Dr. Jyl is a Sacramento area Chicken Vet and treats all poultry.

There are a number of health problems that affect chickens and other poultry. Your poultry may encounter one of these diseases at one time or another. Examine your bird, then check their symptoms with the list below to get ideas of what could be wrong with them. Dr Jyl recommends an annual physical examination on all chickens and poultry.



Symptoms can include hens off lay, pale combs and wattles and hens not wanting to go to roost in infected houses, itching, restlessness and weight loss.

chicken respiratory

Respiratory Problems

Symptoms of typical poultry respiratory problems include: Runny / watery eyes, swollen sinusses, wheezing, sneezing, gurgling / rattling, and difficulty breathing.

chicken digestion

Digestive System Problems

Symptoms of typical digestive system problems include: Loss of appetite, a swollen crop, bad or sweet smelling breath, diarrhea, or messy bottoms. Intestinal parasites can effect the over all health and eggs. Testing a fecal sample yearly for Parasites is very important.

poultry reproduction

Reproductive System Problems

Reproductive system and disorders of the reproductive system, including egg laying problems. Symptoms of reproductive disorders include infertility, hatching problems, laying difficulty, swollen abdomen and prolapse.

poultry eggs

Egg Problems

Typical egg problems are soft or missing egg shells, wrinkled or misshaped eggs, watery whites, double or multiple yolks and worms or blood spots inside eggs.

poultry skeleton

Skeletal and Muscular Disorders

Lameness, splayed legs, legs or wings pointing in odd directions, inflammation of joints are all typical symptoms of skeletal and muscular disorders.


External Problems

Many different problems can affect feathers, beak, skin, scales, eyes, comb, and nails along with cuts, wounds, feather loss, blindness, external parasites, and other symptoms.

Nervous System Problems

The nervous system is effected by a number of things from nutritional disorders to beak trimming and diseases such as Marek's disease.

Cardiovascular and Organs

Symptoms such as rapid un-explained death of a seemingly healthy bird.

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