Prolotherapy is a treatment that stimulates the body to repair painful areas. Specifically it involves the injection of natural substances into painful areas to stimulate the body’s own repair mechanisms to strengthen and heal injured structures. Mostly, Prolotherapy is used to strengthen ligaments and tendons. Ligament injury is presumed to be the preliminary cause of joints that become degenerated.

This along with the fact that most degenerated joints have tenderness at ligament attachments around the joint, account for the fact that degenerative arthritis and degenerated structures typically respond beautifully to Prolotherapy.


Prolozone therapy is derived from prolotherapy which is a medical injection of dextrose or saline, procaine, vitamins, and sometimes trace minerals followed by ozone around injured cartilage or ligament which stimulates healing after causing an initial inflammatory response, according to the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine.

Prolozone therapy uses injections of ozone gas and vitamin B12 to stimulate healing response in injured tissues. Prolozone therapy requires fewer injections than prolotherapy.

Prolozone can be used to help repair, and alleviate conditions such as cruciate ligament tears, spinal pain, hip and knee pain and pain from scars. Prolozone is adding ozone to the injection. This treatment can be used for cruciate ligament damage, unstable joints. A mild reversible sedative is used to administer Prolozone/Prolotheapy injections.

Is it safe? Yes. When performed by a licensed veterinarian trained in Prolotherpy/Prolozone therapies. It is utilized on dogs, cats and horses however can be used on any species. Two to four treatments may be necessary but improvements have been seen after the first injection. Mild or moderate pain can occur 24-48 hours post injection and it is recommended you pet starts mild exercise with in 48 hours after treatment. Injections can cost approximately $200.00 and up depending on number of injections and the severity of the patients injury.

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