BioPhotonic Therapy (BPT) or Ultraviolet Blood Irridation (UBI)

Ultraviolet light therapy or Biophotonic blood therapy is a way to increase the immune system of an animal or human. A combination of ozone therapy with a small amount of the animal’s heparinized blood is sometimes mixed with BiOcean which has trace minerals from the bottom the ocean. The mixture is then administered after it is pushed through ultraviolet light within a crystal cuvette. This photoluminescence stimulates healthy cells and those viruses and bacterias that do not like light or oxygen are either destroyed or weakened.

This procedure is very good for infections, cancer, inflammation, Lyme disease, and other and will help the immune system for overall health. In combination with more ozone therapy we can reach a high utilization of oxygen to increase the health of the animal. With better oxygen utilization you can achieve optimum health.During the BioPhotonic Therapy (BPT) or Ultraviolet Blood Irridation (UBI) the patient’s blood is exposed to Ultraviolet light in order to kill viruses and bacteria as well as to modulate and balance the immune system.

When the immune system is “stuck” in an overactive mode we can develop a host of auto-immune and pro-inflammatory conditions such as thyroiditis, Lymes disease, cancer, liver and kidney disease, auto immune diseases, arthritis, etc. BioPhotonic Therapy or UBI can trigger an anti-inflammatory response in the body and it can re-set this pro-inflammatory state much like re-booting a computer.

Most treatments for auto-immune issues tend to include medications that depress the immune system as a whole and can increase our risk of infections and cancer. In contrast, BPT/UBI actually enhances the body’s immune function.

Experience has shown that BioPhotonic Therapy/UBI can strengthen the immune system and improve overall health. BioPhotonic Therapy has been shown to have the following benefits:

Conditions treated with BPT

UBI may be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments for conditions including:

Procedure Description

An intravenous line (IV) is inserted into a vein, and around six ounces of blood will be drawn. The blood is exposed to the UV lamps, and ozone then is infused back into the patient. The IV line goes through the BPT machine utilizing a sterile quartz tube. Each treatment takes about an hour.

Treatments may need to be repeated depending upon the severity of disease and the response of the patient. Dr. Jyl will assess what is needed and will closely monitor each individual case.

BPT/UBI Side Effects

Millions of BPT/UBI treatments have been given over the past two decades in Europe and America without severe side effects. BPT/UBI may sometimes result in a Herxheimer reaction, which involves a temporary aggravation of symptoms immediately following the treatment. This is caused by the dying-off of viruses and/or bacteria and subsequent stimulation of the immune system.

A rise in body temperature can also be a response to a stimulated immune system. This is often considered a positive sign. Other side-effects may include bruising related to the IV site.

Find out if UBI treatments may help improve your health and wellness.

BioPhotonic Therapy (BPT) or Ultraviolet Blood Irridation (UBI) can be done as often as one to four times a week. Depending on each individual patient we may combine this treatment with other therapies to get added benefits. Cost is approximately $250.00 per treatment.

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