Care and Treatment of Rabbits

Rabbits can suffer some diseases to which other creatures do not appear to be prone to. Proper handling is important to avoid back injury or paralysis. Rabbits can exhibit idiosyncratic drug reactions to modern drug therapy. We have experienced noteworthy success with homeopathic treatment free of the adverse effects associate with conventional medicine.

Whether we see a rabbit at the practice or at home, we look closely at veterinary history test results. We take an extensive history, enquire into diet and lifestyle, cage management, home, yard/garden and other environmental factors that may be associated with the disease.

The use of homeopathy and other alternative therapies does not rule out the need for a proper examination and assessment of each individual patient, necessary diagnostic tests, appropriate measures to repair injury and a study of natural lifestyle and diet in order to be able to speed recovery.

We have enjoyed great success with this methodology. Holistic medicine implies that the environment, the diet, the animal’s individual nature and demeanour and the interaction with humans are all taken into account and modified for optimum health.

Homeopathy, as with all species, is able to offer an alternative for the treatment of chronic disease. Herbal medicine is ideal for rabbits, since their herbivorous biology is well-suited to herbs.

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